Your own MIND stops you from loosing FAT

Learn how your own mind is stopping you from loosing FAT


Many of you can have this question in your mind that “why?’ it is so difficult to loose fat and easy to gain it. Well, the answer is your own MIND.

It is your own MIND

Yes, your mind doesn’t see fat as any harm to itself or the body. It only sees it as a stored energy source. Which it needs to keep you alive. And it is smarter than you think it is. Even smart enough to keep you alive for 100s of years.

Why it does that

Human brain has many functions. But, every function has one prime motive. And that is “To Keep You Alive”. Whatever it does, whether it makes you happy or unhappy, it does it only in the purpose to keep you safe and alive for as long as possible. In that process, sometimes it has to choose from any 2, both which in some cases are important for survival. And in the end, it ll choose the most important from those two.

Mind doesn’t care about your looks

Mind really doesn’t care how you look, or how someone else looks at you. All it care is to keep you alive. It really doesn’t care you have six pack abs or a family pack tummy, how you stand or sit, how your hairstyle is.

You think that you are controlling your body?

We think that actually we are controlling our body. Yes, but only for moves or thoughts (conscious mind). Majority of the functions are controlled by the mind, which is not in your control (unconscious mind). Your digestion, heartbeat, blood pressure, and many other functions like these are out of your conscious control.

When it sense danger

I am standing close to a bike, I am feeling something not right with the skin of my leg and suddenly I felt the heat. Damn, it was the silencer of the bike. My skin could get burned if I didn’t move my leg at the right time. Right?

Well, actually it wasn’t you. It was the “sympathetic tone” of your mind which analysed the external environment (heat) through sensory system and sent the signal to the brain. Further brain sent the signal to the knee flexor (hamstrings) and hip extensor muscles (glutes) to get contracted. That’s how you pulled your leg away from the silencer within just seconds, even before you could analyse with your conscious mind that what actually is happening.


Your mind keeps you alive for decades. If it wasn’t smart, it couldn’t.



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