Wrong workout can damage your joints

Sensible talks - with Rajdeep Khaira


Majority of the people don’t know, but a wrong workout can damage your Joints. That’s why, we recommend always discuss with your fitness professional for workout and proper movement.


Whatever lifestyle you have, it ll be using specific muscles more than others, to be in that lifestyle. For example, a person who stands all the day, ll be using back extensors and knees extensors more than any other muscle group. So, there extensors become tighten.

What should He/She do?

He/She should not be training (Strengthening) back or knee extensors, and keep stretching the same. And also remember, till the time His or Her posture becomes neutral, He or She should keep strengthening His or Her back or knee flexors. Once, the person’s posture is corrected, He or She can continue with the normal workout.


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