The difference between a Champion’s Brain and a normal person’s Brain functionality


Many people try to find out why some people are so determined towards the thing they want to accomplish and others are not. Even, many of you must have realised at some point in your life, “how can he/she do it so easily while you were feeling lazy or tough doing the same thing?”

The answer is not simple, but important to understand to become successful in your life in anything you want to achieve. The functionality of your brain will make the difference. You will have to understand three things before understanding brain’s functionality:

  • Human mind is lazy
  • Human mind doesn’t like failure
  • Human mind doesn’t like to build muscle mass

Compartments of Human Brain

Human brain has two main compartments, Thinking brain (the Cerebrum) and Mechanical brain (composed of many parts of the brain). Both has different but interlinked functions to make you successful or unsuccessful. Let’s understand both of them.

Thinking Brain (the Cerebrum)

Thinking compartment of your brain is like a Boss of your life. It determines what you want to do or achieve in your life. For example, you want to get up from the bed and pick a book from the shelf in your room and come back to bed. Your Thinking brain gave order to the mechanical brain, “Get up and pick that book and come back to the bed.” Rest, will you pick that book or not depends on the communication between your Thinking and Mechanical brain.

Mechanical Brain

Mechanical compartment of your brain is like a Manager. By nature, it is lazy. It manages things to make any action. It measures energy stores and energy needed to make any action. If some action is going to take more energy than is available, it will avoid that action. If less, it will make that action happen. But in the end, it’s main function is to keep you alive. And in that process, sometimes it can reject the orders from the Boss. For example, your thinking brain gave order to pick up the book, and you came home after a long day and you are tired as hell. Mechanical brain evaluated things and came to the conclusion that it has already spent too much energy and doesn’t want to spend more. It will reject the order and you will not get out of the bed.

Communication between Boss and Manager

Why Manager rejected the order from the boss? Well, this is how the communication gonna happen.

  • Boss: Get up and pick that book.
  • Manager: Do we really want that book?
  • Boss: Yes, I want to read it.
  • Manager: But we are already out of energy and if we went to pick that book that will consume more energy and you will feel more tired in the end and won’t be able to even ready the book.
  • Boss: Really?
  • Manager: Yes Boss.
  • Boss: Okay, then leave it. Any other way I can get that book?
  • Manager: Yes, we can call someone who can pick that book and give it to us.
  • Boss: Okay, do the same.

Then you call someone and ask them to give that book to you. Have you realised this communication between minds anywhere in life? Yes, you keep talking with your own mind sometimes.

Human Mind is lazy

Our mechanical mind is lazy. It doesn’t want to spend energy unnecessarily. Wherever it felt that this action is not required, it will start arguing with thinking mind and conclusion will be cease of action and you will give up on that thing. The main purpose behind this laziness or function is that it wants to keep you alive. And to keep you alive, it needs energy. And for good energy stores, it will has to save energy. So it will avoid any unnecessary energy expenditure.

Mechanical mind has Reserved Energy Stores

It also has some reserved energy stores which comes in use whenever their is any threat to life. For example, you are feeling lazy to get out of bed and you just want to lay down on bed and want that no one calls you. And suddenly, there is a fire alarm. You get up quickly to get out of the building and save yourself. From where the energy came from? Yes, the Reserved energy stores. If you didn’t have the energy at that time, you couldn’t get up and go out of the building to save yourself. But your Mechanical mind is smart enough to keep you alive, even for decades.

It is smart enough, even it fools you sometimes in an attempt to save you and you don’t even realise. For example, you are doing some hard workout and your energy stores are depleting very quickly. Your mechanical mind wants you to stop but boss mind doesn’t listen. What will the Manager do to keep you alive? It’ll pull out the plug and shut down the system and you will have a blackout and fall down on the floor. Then you get up and are like, “what just happened?” Well, that was the manager, who tried to save you from making a foolish decision, which it thought could be threat to your own life’s safety.

Human Mind doesn’t like failure

Secondly, your mind doesn’t like failure. For example, you attempted for 100 kgs of squats. You are prepared and believe that you will achieve it. But in the end, you couldn’t complete it. Failure? No, it is the first step towards success. Because, your brain, especially the Boss (Thinking mind), didn’t like it. Obviously, the Boss gonna ask the manager that why we couldn’t achieve it. At that point, the imaginal conversation will be like:

  • Boss: Why I couldn’t squat 100 kgs?
  • Manager: Because we didn’t have resources to squat 100 kgs.
  • Boss: What kind of resources?
  • Manager: We didn’t have the muscle mass to produce the force equal to push 100 kgs of weight.
  • Boss: Then increase the resources. I want to squat 100 kgs next time.
  • Manager: Yes Boss!

And the manager will increase your hunger through some complex processes in your body and initiate protein synthesis to build new muscle tissue so increase it’s muscular capacity to squat with 100 kgs of weight.

Human mind doesn’t like to build Muscle Mass

On the other hand, Human mind doesn’t like to build muscle mass. Infact, any species, which hunts to eat, or you can say are non vegetarian, their brains doesn’t like to build muscle mass. Why? Same, in the attempt to keep you alive. You must be thinking, “How can muscle will be threat to my life?” Well, your mechanical brain thinks a little differently.

The prime function of Skeletal Muscle tissue is to move bones. And it is highly metabolically active. Human brain doesn’t like to spend energy unnecessarily. If there is no requirement to build new muscle tissue, it will not. Because, more muscle tissue will require more energy every day. Which will place extra stress to consume more energy. So, it will only build that much of muscle mass, which is necessary for survival.

If you see, ancient humans needed more muscular force to hunt to run or to survive. Human body developed muscle mass and ancient humans were more muscular than today’s humans. But in today’s world, where food is available easily, Human mind doesn’t like to spend energy unnecessarily and doesn’t build that much of muscle mass. So, in today’s world, humans are not that muscular.

In any species, which is non vegetarian, food timing is unpredictable. You can’t decide when you will have food or when not. Sometimes, they starve for days in the absence of food. In that starving stage, the less the energy it’s body will spend, the more the chances of survival will be. So, Humans or any other non vegetarian specie’s brains doesn’t like to build unnecessary muscle mass as it will increase energy demands.

But, if requires, it will build new muscle mass. For example, you couldn’t squat with 100 kgs of weight, your mechanical mind will see it as a threat to life, and it will strive to build new muscle mass so that when the next time situation comes where their is 100 kgs of weights on your shoulders, you must have the energy to push it. But for that, you will have to make it realise that there is need to build new muscle mass. If it doesn’t realise, it will not build new muscle tissue.

Which compartment is dominating will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

So now you know how your mind reacts to different situations in your daily life. But, what makes the difference between a Champion or a normal person? The answer is simple, which compartment of your brain is dominating will make you a Champion or a normal person.

For example, there is an event. A marathon or a race to few meters or kilometers. In the end, there are two participants leading the race. Both have the same muscle mass, same diet, both wants to win. But who will win? The communication between the brains will determine.

Before explaining this, I would like to tell you a little story of two brothers. One is running a local manufacturing company and the other is running the country’s leading manufacturing company. The owner or the local company wants to grow his company by getting some big contracts. He went to the office and arranged a meeting. And asked the Manager that I want this contract. The Manager told him, “Sir, we don’t have enough resources to complete that contract. We should go for any small contract.” The Boss asked, “But we have resources, I know.” Manager answered, “Sir, those resources are for other normal functions of the company and for other contracts we already have.” After some discussion, the Boss agrees with the Manager and give up on the idea. And the company keeps running on lower levels.

On the other hand, the owner of the nation leading company also wants to get an international contract and went to the meeting in his office, and asked the Manager, “I want us to get this contract.” The Manager answered, “But sir, this contract is bigger than we expected. Don’t you think that we should go for the smaller contract?” The Boss answered, but here, seriously the Boss answered and asked, “Who’s the BOSS?” Manager said, “You Sir.” Then the Boss told him, “Good! Then my job is to decide which contract is to go for. And your job is to manage things so that we can go for that contract. If I said I wan’t that contract, then I want that contract. Understood?” Manager answered, “Yes Boss!” The Boss, “Good, now get back to work and get me that contract.”

You know what is the difference between both of the bosses?” Who’s the Boss.”

So, coming back to the competition. Who is gonna win? Last lap left, both of the runners are pushing hard. Their energy stores are depleted and both of them wants to give up before they reach the winning line. Both of their mechanical brains will strive to save energy in attempt to keep them alive. And minds will argue with each other. But there will be only one, who’s Boss (thinking) mind will remind the mechanical mind,

“Who’s the BOSS?”

When I first went for 200 kgs of squats, I was also sitting on bench while looking at the bar loaded with weights. My mechanical mind was also forcing me to leave the attempt. It was reminding me that it is not possible. My legs were also trembling. But in the end, I had to close my eyes and remind my mechanical mind, “Hey! are you listening? I am the BOSS. I will decide what I am gonna do. You will decide how we gonna do. And for that, if you have to release the reserved energy? release it. I have to do it at any cost.” You know what the answer I got?

“Yes Boss!”

Conclusion (Fool and Smart)

Your thinking mind is foolish one, but is the prime one to make you what you are. Your mechanical mind is smart one, smart enough to keep you alive for 100s of years. In that attempt, it will even fool your own self. But your mechanical mind will never argue back if you make it feel that “YOU ARE THE BOSS.”


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