Smoking can decrease your body’s ability to burn FAT


If you are also a smoker and wants to be fit or loose weight, be careful, because smoking will decrease your body’s ability to burn fat.

How your body react when smoke

I am not going so deep to explain as it can be complicated for many, but when you smoke, the area where gases are being exchanged (alveolis) behave that smoke like it is oxygen or normal gas. But there is no oxygen, there is smoke.

Now, first of all natural system of exchanging gases are being disturbed. Secondly, that smoke makes your alveolis carbonic. Means, in easy language with smoking, your respiratory system is jamming with carbon or smoke or you can say bad substances of smoke.

When you loose huge amount of normal respiration space or function, and you try to workout or do normal activities of daily living (ADL), your body needs oxygen or make energy, either from fat or glucose (aerobic energy production). But your body can’t, as oxygen delivery capacity has been decreased at the level of your lungs.

You body needs oxygen to burn fat

Your body can burn fat only in the presence of oxygen. Your body can make energy by both ways, aerobically (with oxygen) or anaerobically (without oxygen). But when your body makes energy with oxygen, it can generate more energy rather than without oxygen. And most importantly, to make energy from fat, you body needs oxygen, as it can only happen by kreb cycle.

Fat cannot get converted into energy without kreb cycle. So, when your body’s oxygen delivery capacity decreases, so does your body’s fat burning capacity.

Oxygen Transport System

Human body transport oxygen to the cells in three different parts.

Oxygen Delivery Capacity

First is oxygen delivery. When you inhale oxygen either from your mouth of nose, it is transported to your lungs to get exchanged with unused gases and get delivered to the blood for further transport. That depends on the capacity of your lungs that how big surface area it has to deliver oxygen or gases. More clean the lungs are, more oxygen it can transfer to the blood stream for further transport.

Oxygen Carrying Capacity

After gases has been exchanges, it is based on how healthy Red Blood Cell concentration you have in your blood stream to carry oxygen to the cells for further use. Because, red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen from lungs to the cells, the more red blood or healthy amount of red blood cells you will have, the more oxygen can be transported to the cells, and more energy can be produced by cells for further use.

Oxygen Abstraction Capacity

Oxygen abstraction capacity depends on the mitochondrial content. Mitochondria is the power house of your cell. Energy can be generated either out of Mitochondria, or inside of Mitochondria. A single molecule of glucose can generate 4 ATPs (Adenosine TriPhosphate is usable form of energy for Human Body) if energy is being generated outside of mitochondria, which is without oxygen. If oxygen is available, the energy can be generated inside mitochondria, and same single molecule of glucose can generate 32 ATPs. So, now you can understand the power of Mitochondria.

Mitochondrial contents can be increased in healthy individuals by regular physical activity. The more mitochondrial content your body will have, the more fat it can burn.

Smoking and other functions

Smoking also affect on your nervous system as well. Your brain also need oxygen to work properly, this much every one knows. Less oxygen it will have, less functionality it will have. Directly or indirectly, it will affect many of our hormones as well.

A smoker’s body is not so good for cell growth and cell healing and this is very major component to recover our body from any activity.

Now you know?

So now you know, smoking will become a biggest stop for your fitness journey or your weight loss journey or you can say to your stamina.


Smoking can decrease the ability of your lungs to deliver oxygen to the blood stream. The less oxygen you will have, the lesser mitochondrial content you will have, the less fat your body will burn. As fat cannot get converted into energy without oxygen. Less oxygen, less fat can get converted into energy. More oxygen or mitochondria, more fat can get converted into energy.


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