Pulkit Sood’s Transformation


This transformation really close to my heart. The biggest thing is, we never met. Yes! Pulkit is a Professional Basketball player (UBA) and we started working on his physique last year in his off season. He just wanted to come in shape. After the initial assessments, I made a plan according to his physique and goals.

Before we started

Initial mistakes to follow the plan

For any online training program, it is really important for the trainee to consult with his or her trainer if having any doubt regarding the plan. He started following. I followed him up and after couple of weeks, when we didn’t came up with the results we were expecting, we planned a review call. He told me he is following the plan as mentioned by me. I was confused too, why he isn’t getting the results, coz I’ve planned everthing very carefully and chances or error are less than 1%.

On the third week, results were still not there. We again conducted the review call. I asked for food log of the day and pictures of the plate filled with food as well. Later on we identified the mistake.

When I mention in my plan to consume 100 grms of cooked rice, that means 100 grms weight of cooked rice after cooking. And if I mention 100 grms of uncooked oats, that means the weight before cooking. We figured out the mistake. He was weighing rice before cooking, 100 grms. Which after cooking ll become 300-400 grms. That’s why we couldn’t get results in the first month and we both were pretty disappointed before we identified what went wrong.

The miracle happened

After first month, we came on track and he started discussing everything, in whichever he had doubt. That transparency made the miracle happened. In next 50 days, He was shredded.

After approx 3 months when we started

Next target (Packing muscle mass)

Our next target was to pack him up with some insane muscle mass naturally, which is still under process. But our goal is to educate him that much, that He not only become able to train himself in a right way, but people around him as well.

Muscle building is in process naturally, without any help of performance enhancers


We all know it is a long process. But not that long as you are thinking it is. If you follow the process and be coachable, it can be shortened. The main thing is to trust the process, and more importantly, your coach. He or She has a plan, trust that and surrender yourself to him or her. Don’t be stubborn in the process. If you will be, you will waist time for both, for you and for your coach also.

Opportunity to learn

Anyone, who come and train with us, we try to not only train him or her, but to educate them. Our main goal is not to keep training you for years, but to educate you as soon and as much as possible so that you can train yourself on your own and leave the slot for someone else who need it.

Anyone, who wants to train with us can apply now simply by clicking on the following link


We will get back to you to help you achieve your fitness goals.


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