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BodyBuilding.Com Signature Citrulline Powder


  • INCREASE ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE: Your body produces citrulline, but supplementing can help you have a killer workout by aiding in blood vessel dilation. This lets more oxygen and nutrients hit your hard-working muscles
  • SUPPORT BLOOD FLOW: Citrulline is an amino acid that supports the production of arginine, which leads to increased nitric oxide and blood flow throughout your body. That’s what fans refer to as pumps
  • L-CITRULLINE keeps you going strong by helping your body eliminate ammonia, which causes causes exercise-related fatigue and can end your workout early
  • HOW TO USE: Signature Citrulline is nearly flavorless and can be mixed with water, juice, or any other beverage. You can also add it to your favorite pre-workout product
  • BODYBUILDING.COM SIGNATURE: A signature is a promise. A symbol of your identity. Your mark on the world. Every product is no-BS, transparent, filler-free, and formulated with effective doses of research-backed ingredients you can trust.




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