One of the difficult thing to answer is, “How can someone build huge muscles?” Well, it is our brain that stops us by many mechanisms.

Brain doesn’t like to build muscle tissue unnecessarily

Why? because brain doesn’t want to generate any tissue which ll place extra stress to consume more calories. Lean Muscle Mass is one of them. It is highly metabolically active, so it ll lead to increased calorie demand or increased metabolism. That’s why, it is not the preference of Human Brain to develop new muscle tissue.

So what ll you do? You ll make your mind realise that there is a need to build new lean muscle tissue.

How? Well the answer is “Periodisation.” Many fitness professionals or fitness freak do not understand periodisation properly, and end up gaining more fat that muscle mass.


Periodisation is basically considered as periods of high intensity training low frequency training vs high frequency training low intensity training.

Your mind can adapt to anything. No matter what, it’ll take extra calories when it face any new movement. With time, it ll learn the movement and muscle ll start performing it more efficiently and you ll use less calories to do the same work.

Periodisation is a tool, in which we shift the training protocol to any other or new combination of workout, right before mind adapts it. Because, it’ll only build new muscle tissue if it ll face either metabolic stress or mechanical stress.

How to do it

You ll choose the week or timeframe, in which you ll be going to train on higher intensity. You can increase intensity by several methods, like increasing the weight load, increasing the number of repetitions performed per set, decreasing the rest interval time, compound sets, compound movements, etc. How to adjust these periods ll very individually. In some cases, you ll have to place 2-3 weeks of high intensity training, and in others, maybe 1 ll be enough.

This timeframe ll be followed by high frequency training method. During this phase, training intensity ll remain low and just train your muscle at maintenance training levels.

Human Mind doesn’t like failure

Our brain also doesn’t like to be failed. If it got failed once, it’ll try to come up next time with better sources to beat the situation. By shuffling the intensity and frequency, you don’t allow your mind to adjust itself and understand the actual situation, and it starts feeling the stress or need to generate new muscle tissue.

As it doesn’t like to be failed, it’ll try to build sources to beat the challenge. Once the challenge becomes non challenging, it’ll adapt and stop growing muscle mass.

Workout Plan

Workout plan to build muscle mass can’t be predicted. It’ll always be individualised according to the person’s bodily response, like recovery, hormonal levels, emotional state, tendon insertion points, limb length, and the list is long.

It won’t be possible to give any example as in periodisation in some cases, you need to change workout routine every week, or in some cases, you can stretch it for 3-4 weeks.

Muscle building workout plans are always individualised. We recommend, you should discuss with our fitness professionals for this kind of workout, as they can help you the best.


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