Mohik Bansal’s Transformation


“Sir, Me and my sister has a bet that who ll transform him or herself first.” was the line Mohik told me in his initial assessment. The troubles we faced during this transformation were one after one.

When we started in 2017, He just wanted to loose weight. After assessment, we agreed to loose fat and gain muscle mass and not to consider weight loss as a health marker. Because, when we loose fat and gain muscle mass, weight can be either same or can gain also a bit.

We were going well in just the first month and His Dada ji became unwell. He has to take care of business now as well. Sparing time for gym after office was becoming difficult for him, which continued for almost a month and half.

After that phase, He became regular with gym again. And guess what? it is exam time now. Three months passed, and we were slow in progress, but we were progressing towards our goal. Doesn’t matter how slow.

During His exams, He gave priority to His health as well as his studies. It took a little long. Five months for this transformation, which we planned in Three months.

But still we achieved it. This transformation is a pure example of the English phrase, “Better late than Never.”

(Note: All our transformations are natural and without fat burners. No steroids or any other performance enhancers were used during this transformation.)

If you also want to join our transformation program, drop us a message on the link below, and we will get back to you.


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