Meena Sharma’s Transformation


Rajdeep Khaira: “After the extraordinary teamwork by both the client and the trainer, I can say that the fitness industry in India is stepping into next level. After all the complications like, paralysis, diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, and what else, the way Meena Sharma has shown her dedication towards her health and fitness, and Lovepreet’s way of guidance, is simply outstanding. Welldone to both of you. Waiting for more.”

When we started few months ago, I couldn’t understand from where to start. We had a lot to deal with. First of all, paralysis. Secondly, things like thyroid, diabetes, osteoporosis, few vitamin deficiencies, and couple of more things.

After analysing everything, we figured out that the most important thing we will need for this transformation is Meena’s dedication towards the program.

When we started, she use to perform most of the exercises on the bed. It is really difficult to perform squats with one leg almost 70% paralysed. But, she didn’t give up. We knew which muscles will have to work on to make her perform sitting and standing movement. With a great effort by Meena, we started strengthening her body. And within days, we started noticing results in her movements. Her moves were improved, and she started walking straight.

On the other side, we had to work on her diet to improve her blood glucose levels. And now, it is normal.

She also had a vitamin D deficiency, which is quite normal these days. We recommended her to sit in sunlight for few minutes at a particular time in a day. Sitting just 15-20 minutes in sunlight improved her Vitamin D levels, which improved her thyroid functionality.

People usually give up on their health, even if they have everything to improve it. And on the other side, She was going through a lot, and She still didn’t give up on her health.

If you are still looking for motivation to do what you need to do? Nothing better than this can come.

What a motivator you are Meena. Keep up the good work. We are proud of you.

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