Low Carb Diet

Couple it with calorie cycling or carb cycling


Anyone, who has followed dietary approach for weight loss, must have gone through Low Carb Diet once in their life. Food choices are limited to more of complex carbs than simple carbs. It is one of the toughest diets to follow as you keep your carb intake low for long. Neither you are in Keto state, nor you ll have optimum levels of glycogen stores. So, after sometime, many people tend to give up on this diet.


It is as simple as keeping carb intake low and rest two macros (fats and proteins) high. Many health professionals suggest this dietary approach for people suffering with type II diabetes. It can help to increase insulin sensitivity and better blood glucose regulation over some time period.


There are mainly two kind of Low Carb diets. The first one, in which health professionals suggest to keep your carb intake less than 100 grams (Net Carbohydrates) per day. It is easy to calculate.

The second one is based on calorie calculation. In this diet, health professionals suggest to keep your carb intake less than 20% of your total daily calorie intake. So means, if someone is on 1000kcal diet, he or she (most probably) ll have only 50 grams of carbs per day. And if someone is on 3000kcal diet, he (most probably) or she ll have 150 grams of carbs per day. This approach is easy to follow in higher calorie intake diets and really difficult to follow and calculate on low calorie intake diets.

In both kind of Low Carb Diets, you ll use protein and fats to match the rest of calorie requirement per day. Diets low in carbohydrates and high in proteins, can place extra stress on liver to make glucose from protein. Some health professionals suggest to consume equal amount of fats and proteins in low carb diets, while others suggest moderate consumption of protein and rest of the calories you should cover with fats.


Ofcourse, improved health means money saved from hospital bills.

There are numerous health benefits associated with low carb deits, as many scientists and health professionals believe that high carb intake is associated with many diseases or health issues. So, when you go for low carb lifestyles, it starts improving your body composition, as in the absence of glucose, body starts using more fat as fuel.

After that, there are many internal health benefits, like improved lipid profiles, improved blood glucose regulation, improved insulin sensitivity, decreased cardiovascular risk factors, improved PCOS, improved fatty lever condition, improved alzhimer desease, improved thyroid functioning, improved hormonal balance.

Coupled Diet Approaches

Low carb diet can be coupled with many dietary approaches, like carb cycling, calorie cycling, high protein diet, Low carb high fat diet (LCHF).

Low carb diet and performance

Till the time you are not in ketosis, low carb diets ll always falter your exercise performance. If you still try to go for higher intensities, there are chances that lean muscle tissue ll be used as energy (through the process gluconeogenesis) to match the increased demand placed by increasing the intensity.


Overall, low carb diets are well known for their health benefits with overall improved body composition. If well planned and coupled with calorie cycling or carb cycling, it can be continued for lifetime. People suffering from type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity can benefit from Low Carb or carb restricted diets.

Always consult with your physician or dietitian before going for any diet protocol to identify which diet protocol ll suit you best.


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