Human Body doesn’t like to build huge muscle mass


Every young guy must have this thought atleast once in their lifetime, “Why I can’t build huge muscle mass?” The answer is it’s your own mind which stops you from building it.

Reason is our PAST

The main reason behind this is that how we have grown ourselves. We are carnivores (non vegetarian species). Unlike any other vegetarian species like Elephant, Giraffe, Bulls, Horses (which are all vegetarians), we humans use to hunt to eat, means for survival.

Where as comes the question of survival, food incoming is limited. Food isn’t available readily like vegan animals have.

Muscle needs more calories than other tissues

Why only muscle mass? Because muscle is highly metabolically active tissue, which needs more calories even at rest. So, if your body will build unnecessary muscle mass, it will require more calories to survive in a day. In exercise science, that’s why we prefer strength training along with cardio, because the more muscle mass you will have, the more calories you will burn at rest. But that doesn’t mean you can build as much muscle mass as you want.


Myostatin is a protein found in our body, which controls muscle growth. It is part of your mind’s defense system to survive. It inhibits unnecessary muscle growth. People with huge muscle mass, often has lower levels of Myostatin, which allows muscle mass to grow. On the other side, people for whom it becomes really tough to build muscle mass even in young age, often has higher levels of Myostatin.

Why vegan animals are so big

If you see, every animal which has huge muscle mass, is vegan. That’s because their mind doesn’t sense any insecurity in building muscle mass because food is available easily. If food is available easily, their is no restriction on calorie consumption and calorie expenditure. The more intense their lifestyle becomes, the more muscle mass they will grow, because plants are available everywhere and easily available for them to eat and fulfill their calorie requirements.


If you want to build huge muscle mass, you will have to make your mind feel the need to build muscle mass. Second, eat more calories than you spend. Because if you will not, mind can sense easily that it is spending more than it is consuming, and it will try to decrease the amount of muscle mass it has to save some extra calories. And in the end of the day, you will have less muscle mass from where you started. It is all a mind game.


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