Home Workout for Females


We understand that life of a women, is way more tough than men. As she has to manage house, kids, her profession and many other things. And we salute all the females out there for their extraordinary role in our lives. And here we are with a home based training plan for females, who are not able to go to the gym because of the shortage of time.

If you are focused for only fitness, 3 days of the week is enough for you if you properly plan your workout and diet.

Here is the sample workout plan

Equipments required for this workout plan are as following:


Dumbbells you’ll need according to your need from 1kg to 5kgs or more.

Stretch band or Resistance band

Resistance band you can choose according to your strength as well from level 1 (easy) to level 5 (tough)


Simple workout bench for couple of movements on the bench

Medicine Ball

Medicine ball is a ball like basketball or any other ball, which has some specific weight mentioned on it. You can choose according to your strength initially.

Kettle Bell

Kettle bell is a bell shaped dumbbell, which has specific weight as mentioned on it. This as well, you can choose according to your strength.

All these equipments won’t be costly, and you’ll get all of these way far less than your monthly gym fees.

Read the note section below to keep your workout safe and effective

Notes for a safe and effective workout

We hope you’ll enjoy your workout at Home

To train with us, you can drop us a message on the link bellow and we’ll get back to you



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