Gurpreet’s Transformation

This young guy doesn't even take protein supplement. All protein He is consuming is from natural sources like, chicken, eggs, paneer, curd, etc


Words from Gurpreet, “I stepped into the gym for the first time before 7 months and haven’t stopped since. My dream is to become like Sergi Constance. When I saw him for the first time, his body just shocked me. My coach Lovepreet sir helped me so much in this journey to transform myself physically and mentally, and I have learned lots of things from my coach. In these 7 months, I did not take any kind of supplement. Even I take protein from natural sources (chicken, eggs, paneer, etc.). You can see the difference between ordinary and extraordinary coaching. I am really thankful to him. If I can, you can also.”

When you know the science, you implement it really well. And if the person is determined enough to achieve his dream, you don’t even need supplements. This transformation has proven it really well.

This is from where they started

Gurpreet started just as a random guy, who had a dream for having a decent muscular physique.

This is where they are now

Nowadays, He is carrying a physique, which is dream for many youngsters.

We are proud of you Gurpreet. Keep the shining spirit alive.

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