Cut Down the Fat

Cardio Training, Circuit Training, Supersets


This workout approach is best administered in combination with carb cycling or calorie cycling diet protocol, in which you can keep your calorie intake high on the days of leg training, moderate on cardio training, and deficit on no training days.


Each muscle group ll be trained for strength 2 times in a week. Cardiovascular endurance training ll also remain 2 times in a week. 2 days rest ll be allowed in this workout program.


Intensity must be selected individually. Many factors comes in place while choosing intensity, like current fitness level, current self efficacy levels (most important), daily routine, caloric intake.


Day one is a superset day of 9 exercises. The circuit is planned to target full body muscles. Number of sets can be adjusted according to current emotional state.

Day 2

Day 2 will focus on cardiovascular endurance. Kinematic movements are one of the best way to increase your caloric expenditure.

Day 3

Agonist:Antagonist combination for supersets is introduced in day three to give one muscle work while the other is resting.

Day 4

Day 4 is a rest day or no training day. You’ve done pretty well, have a day off.

Day 5

It is again focused on increasing your cardiovascular endurance, so that you can better coop up with circuit training and supersets.

Day 6

Day 6 will be focused on lower body training with abdomens and lower back

Day 7

Day 7 will be off. No workout in the gym. Still if someone wants to train him or herself can go for a walk in fresh air.

This workout routine will allow you to increase your muscular strength and endurance, while still keeping you in higher caloric expenditure state.

Always remember, these workout are not individualized for any specific person. You should always discuss with our Fitness Professionals before starting any workout plan.



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