Carb Backloading/Carb Night


CBL or Carb Night is a carb restrictive approach of diet, in which you plan all or most of your carb intake later in the day or post workout. This diet approach is mostly combined with Carb Cycling, Calorie Cycling or Low Carb Diets.


The main purpose to introduce this diet was to increase insulin sensitivity. As people on CBL diet consume carbs only post workout, muscles consume most of it. Amount or percentage of daily caloric intake of carbohydrates you consume in a day can depend on your goal and current condition.

Types of CBL

Mainly, there is only one type of CBL, which is consuming 80%-90% of daily percentage of carbohydrates after your workout or later in the day. Mostly, you keep your workout also in the evening.

Restriction or Limitation

CBL or Carb Night is basically carb restricted diet, in which you consume less than 100 grams of carbs in a day or less than 20% of your daily caloric intake from carbohydrates. As the person ll be consuming carbohydrates only post workout, simple carbohydrates are preferred. Rest of the calories you consume from proteins and majorly from fats.

Science Behind

The main reason behind using carbs only after your workout is insulin independent glucose transport. Insulin is responsible for carrying glucose to the muscle cells for storage as muscle glycogen or to the adipose tissue for storage as triglycerides. Only post workout, glucose transportation is insulin independent or exercise induced glucose transport. Means, lesser insulin ll be secreted by pancreas, which ll lead to increased insulin sensitivity which can help people dealing with TYPE II DIABETES.

Who can follow

People who wants to loose weight/fat, can use this diet approach. People who are dealing with type II diabetes can use CBL diet pattern to increase insulin sensitivity and for better blood glucose regulation. But we recommend to discuss with your physician or dietitian before using any diet protocol on yourself.


CBL or Carb Night is very effective diet protocol to increase insulin sensitivity and for fat loss. It is mostly administered in combination with Carb Cycling or Calorie cycling diet approach. You still can have your favorite food (if you are carb lover) after your workout while having most of the health benefits from this diet protocol.

Note: Always discuss with your physician or dietitian before joining any diet protocol regimen.


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