Best Vegan Protein Powder in India

In India, there are many people who are strictly vegetarian and do not consume non-veg at all. And if you are into muscle building and losing weight then having a protein powder in your diet, will help a lot. 

Vegan proteins are different from other protein powders available in the market because they do not contain any animal products like milk or egg proteins. They are made of plant products like soy, rice, hemp, peas, nuts, etc. 

Choosing the Best Vegan Protein Powder in India can be a daunting task. As there are several types of protein powders available in the market today. Considering that we have prepared a list of the top vegan protein powder available in India in 2022. 

Top 5 Best Vegan Protein Powder in India 2022

Features of Best Vegan Protein Powders in India

Boldfit Vegan Plant Protein Powder For Men & Women

  • VEGAN PLANT PROTEIN POWDER FOR MEN AND WOMEN WITH SUPERFOODS – Boldfit Green Protein Comes With The 3 Superfoods Which Are Bromelain, Papain And Pink Salt
  • HEALTHY INGREDIENTS – The Boldfit Vegan Protein Is Made From Naturally Occurring Earth Based Sources. It Is Added With Premium Antioxidants And Superfoods Like Turmeric Extract, Piperine, Papain, Bromelain, Pink Salt Etc. Making It Truly Bold.
  • HOW & WHEN TO USE – Add a scoop of the Boldfit Plant based protein into 180-200 ml of water or any other suitable choice. shake well & consume immediately. start your day with one scoop of boldfit plant protein powder for women and men along with your breakfast. Have 1 Scoop Immediately after your workout or sport in order to restore glycogen & repair muscles.
  • DELICIOUS CAFE MOCHA FLAVOR – Our Natural Vegan Protein Powder for men and women Comes With Delicious COFFEE Flavor Which Will Give Best Taste To Your Protein Shake. Boldfit Plant Protein Is Tasty Way To Being Healthy !
  • PERFECT BLEND OF PREMIUM SOURCES – Boldfit Protein Powder Is The Perfect Blend Of Premium Sources Of Plant Protein Consisting Of Peas Protein, Brown Rice Protein. The Boldfit Plant Protein Provide 25 Gram Of Protein Per Serving.

Kapiva Vegan Protein – 100% Plant Based Protein

  • VEGAN PROTEIN FOR POST-WORKOUT WELLNESS: Kapiva Vegan Protein sourced from plants contributes to post-workout muscle recovery and also helps reduce muscle soreness. This protein powder contains Chicory roots which are naturally digestible. This ingredient contains inulin which is a prebiotic which boosts your gut health.
  • LEAN PROTEIN SOURCES: This vegan protein for muscle wellness is a unique blend of 2 high-quality sources of protein – Rice Protein and Pea Protein. This kind of protein provides essential nutrients to the body while looking after the toning and health of your muscles. 
  • HOLISTIC NUTRITION: The composition of this plant-based protein fuels your body with adequate protein. It contains 26.9g complete Plant Protein, ~5g BCAA, 4.54g Glutamic Acid, and 0g sugar. It prevents muscle wear and tear, facilitates muscle support, and boosts energy levels. Formulated for muscle support and recovery, this vegan protein is rich in 26 essential vitamins and minerals. 
  • 100% PLANT-BASED PROTEIN: This vegan nutrition powder is 100% plant-based and contains 18 Amino Acids. Plant-based proteins are overall effective for health and free from side effects, unlike whey protein which might cause bloating and digestion-related problems. 
  • SAFETY & QUALITY ASSURED: The plant-based protein for post-workout muscle recovery is gluten-free and does not contain any added sugar. The lean protein is derived from natural sources and does not have any soy or whey protein. Take 1 scoop (35g) of our Vegan Protein Powder and add it to 300ml water. Mix/shake to blend well to get rid of lumps. Consume it as per your requirement to fulfill your daily protein intake.

OZiva Organic Plant Protein – Pea protein Isolate, Unflavored, 1kg

  • OZiva Organic Plant Protein packs 30 g of Plant Protein & 5.2 g of BCAAs per serving – Boosts Immunity & Faster Recovery
  • It is a Plant based Complete Protein with all essential aminos combining Organic Pea Protein, Organic Brown Rice Protein and Organic Quinoa
  • With a solid, well balanced formulation and premium quality ingredients, OZiva Organic Plant Protein is something that can be had by your entire family irrespective of the age
  • Cholesterol Free, Easy to Digest, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Non GMO, Lactose Free
  • Diet Plan and Consultation for your Fitness Goals

Origin Nutrition 100% Natural Vegan Protein Powder

  • PROTEIN SOURCE – Our protein blend is made from European golden peas and cold-pressed organic pumpkin seeds which have been sourced and imported from Europe using sustainable crops. It is completely Vegan with each serving containing 25 grams of protein
  • TASTY AND HEALTHY – Our flavours are all Natural, with each scoop having an authentic taste of Chocolate. Gluten-Free and Non-GMO, it comes with the goodness of necessary nutrients to keep you nourished. Health, Taste and Flavour, all in one package
  • RECOVERY AND DIGESTION – Our products have a unique blend of digestive enzymes which helps in better digestion. The plant-based protein is absorbed & digested better by the body which aids in quicker recovery from strenuous activities
  • LACTOSE FREE – Our product is free from Dairy products and Soy, being totally allergen-free and providing over 4 grams of naturally occurring BCAA. It also does not have any added sugar or preservatives
  • USAGE – Blend one scoop with you favourite plant-based milk or water and fruits of your choice!

Bigmuscles Nutrition Vegan Protein | Organic Plant Based Protein

  • Plant Based Superfood Vegan Protein: Unique scientifically researched blend of superfood and vegan protein from 4 different protein sources for muscle building, sustained energy and recovery to support your active lifestyle
  • Protein: 26g of Vegan Protein from a multi-source blend of organic pea protein, organic rice protein and organic quinoa to support muscle growth and recovery
  • Superfood: Vegan Protein combined with exceptional blend of 15+ daily greens, fruits, vegetables helps to maintain active lifestyle and daily well being
  • Core Muscle Building: Superfood vegan protein offers 5.5g BCAA and 5g Glutamine along with 26g of clean protein for core muscle growth and extensive recovery post exhausting workouts
  • Versatile: Whether it’s a nutritious breakfast smoothie, a grab-and-go shake at work or a post-workout recovery shake. we’ve got you covered with 26g of complete plant based vegan protein

What is Vegan Protein Powder

When someone talks about protein powder, they are referring to the powdered form of any high-protein food. This includes animal-based proteins such as whey, casein, milk, egg whites, and gelatin.

Vegan protein powders are plant-based proteins that are free from animal ingredients. They contain no dairy or eggs, and they are often fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Non-vegan protein powders are usually derived from animals such as whey, casein, milk, egg whites, and gelatin. These types of protein powders are also commonly found in health food stores and grocery stores.

If you want to build lean muscles, you should consume at least 30 grams of protein per day. This amount can come from animal or plant sources. While some people prefer to eat meat, others choose to go vegetarian. For those who don’t eat meat, choosing a vegan protein powder is a great way to get enough protein without consuming animals.

They are an excellent source of protein that can be used in various ways to meet your daily requirement of protein intake. You can use them as a low-calorie alternative to meat or poultry when you want to lose weight or just eat healthier by adding these powders to your diet plan regularly on a daily basis.

Some vegan proteins also contain vitamin B12 which is essential for cell growth and repair as well as for brain function.

How to choose the best vegan protein powder for you?

Below we have listed some important factors you need to consider while buying vegan protein powder:

1) Quality: The main thing you should consider while buying vegan proteins is the quality of ingredients used in the manufacturing process and the flavor profile of the product because most of them today come with flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry which are derived from artificial sources.

Make sure you buy a product that uses natural flavors because they are much healthier than artificially flavored ones. It is also important to check the quality of ingredients used in the manufacturing process and make sure they are sourced from trusted manufacturers.

2) Protein content: The protein content of vegan proteins is considerably low compared to other protein powders available in the market because it is made of plant-based protein sources like soy, rice, pea, hemp etc. So make sure you buy a product that has at least 20-30 grams of protein per serving.

3) Taste: Vegan proteins can taste bitter or chalky at times so make sure you choose a product that comes with a flavor profile you like or one that comes in different flavors so you can pick one based on your taste preference.

4) Nutrients: Make sure the product has enough nutrients including calcium, iron, and vitamin D to support your overall health and well-being as well as to build lean muscle mass in your body.

5) Your fitness goals: If you plan to build muscle, you’ll want to look for a vegan protein powder with a high amount of protein. If you are looking to lose weight and gain lean muscle, a vegan protein powder with a lower amount of protein would be best.

6) Your budget: Protein powders can be expensive. If you want to save money, you can make your own vegan protein powder or choose a less expensive brand of vegan protein powder.

Which is better: whey protein or vegan protein powder?

This is a common question that people ask when they are trying to decide if they should be using vegan protein powder or whey protein.

In reality, there is no one perfect protein powder for everyone. Whey, casein, milk, egg, and soy protein all contain different amounts of essential amino acids, which are beneficial for muscle growth.

With that being said, most research suggests that whey-based protein powders are superior to other protein sources. For example, one study found that whey protein helped build more muscle than soy protein when used as a dietary supplement. Whey protein is more quickly digested than soy protein, which means that it gets into your system more quickly. Whey protein is also more cost-effective than soy protein.

What to look for when buying vegan protein powder?

Protein content – The amount of protein in each serving. This can vary depending on the type of protein powder.

Carbohydrate content – How much carbs are in each serving. You can use this number to calculate your total daily intake of carbs.

Fat content – How much fat is in each serving. You can use this number to calculate your daily intake of fat.

Added vitamins and minerals – Some vegan protein powders are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals.

Other ingredients – Some protein powders have other ingredients blended in. You might find prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, or added minerals in some brands.

What are the Benefits of Using Vegan Protein powder?

Saves you time – You won’t have to spend time cooking a healthy meal. Vegan protein powders can be added to smoothies and other beverages. You can also add them to oatmeal, yogurt, or pancakes.

Helps you meet daily protein goals – Vegan protein powder can be a great way to get enough protein without eating meat.

Aids your muscles – Vegan protein powder helps build muscle mass, which can help you perform better in sports and activities.

Gives you energy – Protein is an important fuel source for your muscles. When your body doesn’t have enough protein, you may feel tired and sluggish.

What are the cons of using Vegan Protein powder?

High in calories – Some protein powders have a high-calorie count. This can lead to weight gain if you aren’t careful.

It May causes an allergic reaction – It’s possible that you could develop an allergy to a certain protein powder. If you experience any symptoms, stop using the protein powder immediately and consult a doctor.

Can’t be eaten in large amounts – Like with any other food, too much protein won’t be beneficial for your body.

It may be too expensive – Some vegan protein powders can be more expensive than non-vegan protein powders.


When it comes to choosing the best vegan protein powder, you need to figure out what your fitness goals are. You also need to consider your budget and how much protein you should be consuming per day. It is important to remember that vegan protein powder is beneficial for both vegetarians and vegans! Whether you are looking to build muscle or lose weight, vegan protein powder can be a great way to get enough protein without eating meat.

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