Training the muscles of the back is complicated as evidenced by the number of exercises, machines designed to address this region of the body. From lat pull-down and back extension machines, to pull-ups and free weight, options seems endless. Of course, this is good reason for this study, as muscles of the back vary tremendously in term of their function and angle of contraction.

The back anatomy includes the latissimus dorsi, middle trapizius, lower trapizius, infraspinatus, erector spine. In this article you will get to know a little more about these muscles and exercises for each.

Consider the five muscles evaluated for this study. The research team chose these muscles as they wanted to evaluate muscles from the top to the lower back.

The study

The testing session consisted of performing the following eight exercises in a randomly assigned order using either 70 % of 1RM or body weight. The participants performed five repetition of each exercise and rested for two minutes between sets:

1. Lat pull-down

2. Seated row

3. Bent over row

4. Inverted row

5. Pull ups

6. Chin up

7. TRX row

8. I Y T ROW

We hope, this study will help you to choose your primary and secondary exercise for the particular muscle according to your need.

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