Barkha Sood’s Transformation


I remember, when She contacted me for the first time for training, we were busy in the launching of Mind & Body Fitness. She asked me, “Sir, why don’t you post any of the girl transformations? You always post transformation of boys.” And my answer was, “I’ve done few female transformations, but those were floor trainings. None of them was online training. In online training, females usually quit when they are close to the target. That’s why, we haven’t posted any till date.” Her answer was, “Sir, I am not a quitter. Neither I’ll blame you if I quit in between if you’ll train me.” I asked her to give me 10-15 days, and we will start with her training. We launched Mind & Body Fitness project successfully, and I contacted her back and we started the training.

When we discussed her diet, she asked me, “Sir, this is a lot to eat. I hope I’ll not gain weight after eating all this in a day.” And I was like, “don’t worry, this much your body needs for normal biological functions.”

Days passed, she started noticing results and was pretty much happy. We kept changing her workout and diets with time to keep the metabolic rate high.

She showed extraordinary dedication, and within few weeks we were way far than from where we started. I asked her, “we are going to step in the last phase of transformation. I am not saying it’ll be tough. It will be very tough. Are you ready?” Barkha texted me back, “Sir, I didn’t start to quit when I am this far.”

We started with the last phase and ended it successfully, and here is the result of her hard work and dedication for couple of months.

Our next goal is to pack her with lean muscle mass and educate her as much, so that she not even can train herself, but also others.

We are proud of you Barkha!

If you also want to train with us, you can drop us a message at the link below and we will get back to you:


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